AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering Services: Design

AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering: Design AEGIS Engineering’s professional fire protection engineers provide comprehensive fire protection, detection and alarm system, smoke control system, specification development and technical assistance with the individual needs of each client in mind.


AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering design services include:

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems: Design of fire detection systems and fire alarm systems including building alarm systems, fire suppression systems, releasing systems, mass notification systems, highly-sensitive smoke detection systems, and other specialty detection and notification systems.
  • Fire Protection Systems: Design of fire protection systems including wet and dry automatic sprinkler systems, preaction systems, deluge systems, specialty foam systems, clean agent suppression systems, fire pumps, standpipe systems, water supply and storage tanks.
  • Smoke Control Systems: Design of smoke control systems and smoke management systems for high-rise buildings, atrium spaces, smoke-proof assembly seating, stair and elevator shaft pressurization, and other active or passive smoke control systems.
  • Specification Development: Preparation and review of specifications targeting compliance with individual project requirements, including addressing criteria prescribed by building code, fire code, and referenced standards.
  • Technical Assistance: Assist local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or permit applicants in the evaluation and analysis of unique design conditions with regard to building code, fire code, and referenced standards.
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