AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering Services: Engineer

AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering: EngineerAEGIS Engineering’s professional fire protection engineers offer thoughtfully engineered solutions addressing alternative means and methods or code alternates, egress analysis, fire modeling, smoke modeling, fire-resistive construction, and risk assessment, applying our breadth of knowledge and experience with fire protection engineering and life safety principles.


AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering services include:

  • Alternative Mean & Methods: Support projects and clients in developing and applying new and unique systems or materials through thoughtful analysis of subject conditions and effective presentation and negotiation with the project team and AHJ.
  • Egress Analysis: Apply computer modeling tools to develop evacuation simulations that address the anticipated duration of occupant movement for potential design scenarios.
  • Fire Modeling & Smoke Modeling: Support the design of smoke control systems, egress systems and alternative means and methods through the use of fire modeling, smoke modeling, and fire dynamics software, including computational fluid dynamics. Our analysis can include evaluation of the growth of a fire, smoke development and fire system activation, as well as consideration of wind effects.
  • Fire-Resistive Construction: Ensure the project addresses building code requirements related to fire-resistance-rated construction provisions, while maintaining the aesthetics of your unique design. This includes assistance with engineering judgments for joints and penetrations of fire-rated assemblies.
  • Risk Assessment: Provide expert consultation with regard to design and implementation of effective fire systems and life safety systems which ensure that building code and fire code provisions are appropriately addressed and hazards are mitigated.
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