Litigation Support

AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering - Litigation Support

Our fire protection engineers can provide litigation support in the form of expert consulting or testimony to legal counsel regarding fire origin and cause, construction defects or implications of building codes and standards. In addition, AEGIS Engineering’s fire protection engineering and building code experts work closely with our client’s legal counsel to support forensic investigation of fire protection system failure and perform and evaluateĀ  related research and analysis.

Our engineers are thoroughly trained in fire dynamics, building codes and fire codes, computer fire modeling and fire protection and life safety systems. Our licensed fire protection engineers also have fire service experience, have held jurisdictional positions, and been members of state and national fire code and building code committees. This knowledge and experience is invaluable during incident analysis and evaluation.


Representative Litigation Support Work:

Code Application
Code Interpretation
Construction Defects
Origin and Cause

Representative Litigation Support Clients:

Brown Lewis Janhunen & Spencer
Carney Badley Spellman
Cunningham Lindsey
Forsberg & Umlauf
Ingram Zelasho & Goodwin
Keane Law Offices