Technical Assistance

AEGIS Fire Protection Engineering - Technical Assistance

AEGIS Engineering provides technical assistance to local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or permit applicants through evaluation and analysis of unique design conditions with regard to building code, fire code, and referenced standards. Our reports document the building code and fire code issues present in design submittals, based on the requirements of the local jurisdiction, while providing a thorough evaluation and compliance statement. We also develop Alternative Means and Methods (AMM) and code alternate reports to document equivalency to the building code and fire code as well as providing supporting technical opinions and reports as prescribed in the building code and fire code. Each of these reports is peer reviewed and sealed with the engineer’s professional engineering stamp.

Representative Technical Assistance Projects:

640 Woodland Square Loop – Lacey, WA | Commercial
Biodiesel Refinery – Poulsbo, WA | Industrial
Philip Services – Kent & Tacoma, WA | Industrial
RankinĀ  Equipment Manufacturing Relocation- Union Gap, WA | Industrial
Scarsella Tanks – Kent, WA | Industrial
Showare Center – Kent, WA | Commercial
St. John Behavioral Health – Bellingham, WA | Institutional